2016-2018 Events

Here are photos from previous events.

Beverly Maurer at her Workshop, 2017
3rd Term Master, Ohara School
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                                                                                                        Amy Whetsel, at O'Hara workshop, 2017

Ohara Workshop with Sensei Jose Salcedo October, 2015

We had a good turnout, in 2015 and look forward to the same outcome for 2016. (Note: 2016 O'hara Workshop was given by Beverly Maurer, since Sensei Jose Salcedo had to canceled due to illness).
Beverly was also very knowledgable and informative and her workshop was enjoyed by all.

Sensei Salcedo has studied with grandmaster Reiko Kawamura of the Ohara School in Los Angeles for over 30 years, and we look forward to his next visit hopefully in the fall of this year.

He accepted the Presidency of the Los Angeles Ikebana International Chapter, in 2015.
He is a 1st term Master of the Ohara School, the highest held Master Degree.


Sensei Jose Salcedo, from Pasadena, California, presented  4 styles of the Ohara School: Rising Form, Realistic Landscape, Rimpa and Heika Slanting Style, on October 30th & 31th, 2015.  More then 20 members took the workshop, lots of fun was had.  Looking forward to his visit this year, which is taking place on October 26th & 27th, 2017.
Stay tune for more info coming up soon.

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    Some of our members working on their newly learned creations.

Ikenobo Workshop, January 22 & 23, 2016  
with Sensei Muriel Scrivner, was also heavily  attended and well received, a must for all Ikenobo style lovers. 
Sensei Muriel Scrivner
"Ikenobo's History encompasses both the traditional and the modern and the two continually interacting 
to encourage new development in today's Ikebana".
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Ikenobo School, Free Style Miniature Arrangements by
Pam Bencke and MaryLee Hawse

Pam Bencke, Instructor, 3rd Grade of the Ikenobo School, introducing a variety of Ikenobo School Free Style Miniature Arrangements and their many opportunities for display, even gifting.

MaryLee Hawse, Assistant Professor, 3rd Grade of the Ikenobo School.

Full size, Ikenobo School Free Style Arrangements,
and below those,
Ikenobo School Free Style Miniature Arrangements

A closer look at the example miniatures!