2019-2020 Past Events

Our President Carole Osman and another member taking Ohara Class with Beverly Maurer early this year, 2020

Presentation: April 25th,2019

Sogetsu founded in 1927 by Sofu Teshigahara.
Anyone can enjoy this school, using any materials,  anytime, anywhere.

MaryLee Hawse, in one of her Workshops, helping one of our members with her arrangement.

Beverly Maurer at her Workshop, 3rd Term Master, Ohara School.

Beverly Maurer with Mary Lee Hawse. 
Both members give private class, contact them by email, if interested.
M. Hawse:mlhawse@icloud.com for Ikenobo & B. Maurer: bevwilm@gmail.com for Ohara.

Ohara Workshop with Sensei Jose Salcedo October, 2017

In 2017, Ohara Workshop took placed on October 26 & 27th at Church of the Servant, Episcopal Church in Wilmington, NC.
COS was a perfect place for the Workshop. Big Windows, with beautiful natural lighting streaming in.
Most of the participants were very impressed and all had a fantastic time (according to their comments).
Click below for more photos.

Sensei Salcedo has studied with grandmaster Reiko Kawamura of the Ohara School in Los Angeles for over 30 years, and we look forward to his next visit hopefully in the fall of this year.
He accepted the Presidency of the Los Angeles Ikebana International Chapter, in 2015.
He is a 1st term Master of the Ohara School, the highest held Master Degree.


Ohara Workshop Oct. 26th-27th, 2017 at Church of the Servant Click Here for Photos!
Check our meetings & programs for this year's Workshops to get Jose Salcedo's Ohara Workshop for this coming October.

Sensei Muriel Scrivner's workshops are always well received, a must for all Ikenobo style lovers. 
Sensei Muriel Scrivner
"Ikenobo's History encompasses both the traditional and the modern and the two continually interacting 
to encourage new development in today's Ikebana".

Mary Lee Hawse, Ikenobo professor 2nd level, busy at work at one of her Demonstration which took place at Church of the Servant.

We enjoy many events at Ikebana Int'l Wilmington.
Here you will see some of those events:
Japanese Members Celebrating New Year Presentation.

Japanese members' "Furoshiki" gift wrapping Presentation, using paper and fabric.
                                                                                                                                Members' Gathering for Tea
      Japanese members' New Years Presentation
                                                                                                                                    Arrangements from one of our Exhibitions

Member's gathering for one of our Clubs many luncheon.


Events highlighting II Ikebana Int'l Wilmington,NC Club:

During Covid-19 Pandemic

Many of our members have not been able to hold or participate in gatherings
during this awful Pandemic period.
Here are some who have been having small gatherings at other members home to create
beautiful Floral Arrangements and visit.

Sue Stubblefield,  Attended one of these Gatherings, where she had a Demonstration for The Wilmington Gardening
Here are some photos of that Event: