About Us


The Wilmington North Carolina Chapter 212 of Ikebana International began as a registered study group from 1976-1979. The chapter was founded on February 2, 1979, and chartered on September 22, 1981 with 16 members. Of the original 16 members, five are still current active members.

The chapter celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2011.

Mrs. Effie Burney, introduced Ikebana to Wilmington by teaching classes in the Ikenobo School of Ikebana. In the 1980s and early 1990s, noted instructor and author, Mary Takahashi visited Wilmington at least twice a year from Atlanta, Georgia to provide demonstrations, workshops and classes in the Ikenobo School.

Our Objective

The objective of this non-profit cultural organization shall be to stimulate, cultivate and perpetuate the study of ikebana, related arts and culture by demonstrations and public exhibitions, and to strengthen relationships among teachers and students of ikebana with a deeper purpose of establishing better relationships among all people through the adopted motto “Friendship through Flowers”. 


The Chapter brings two guest presenters to Wilmington each year to provide demonstrations and workshops. Our members also provide programs and teach classes. We gather at the New Hanover County Arboretum Auditorium—an ideal setting for our meetings and annual exhibition complete with its lovely Japanese teahouse and garden.

Ikebana in Wilmington

There is growing interest in ikebana in the area. Several of our members have provided ikebana programs for various community organizations and events and also have taught classes at the local community college and university.

One of Sensei Muriel Scrivner's Ikenobo Workshop

Visiting Senseis

Over the years we have had many renowned instructors provide us with stellar programs and classes including:

Ohara School

  • Ronnell Douglas
  • Diane Harker
  • Martha Neese
  • Betty Taylor
  • Sibbie Wilson
Ikenobo School
  • Muriel Scrivner
  • Emiko Suzuki
Ichiyo School
  • Elaine Jo
  • Terri Todd
Sogetsu School
  • Sheila Advani
  • Carol Cook
  • Judy Hata
  • Allie Uyhara
  • Midori Tanimune
Enshu School
  • Shizuko Dower
Sogetsu and Kikku Schools
  • Georgie Davidson