Celebrating "Friendship Through Flowers"
In Wilmington, North Carolina

Founded February 2, 1979                Chartered September 22, 1981

 Chapter President

 Chapter President:  Carole Osman
2020-2021 and 2021-2022

An expert in the Art of Tea Ceremony, our new President, Carole Osman has been with us
for several years now.
This is her 2nd season as President.

Cindy Fischer, 1st VP, Ellen Kaplan, 2nd VP, Pam Bencke, Reporting Sec,
Maria Esther Williams, Corresponding Sec. and Carole Osman, President

Wilmington Ikebana Chapter 212's 35th Anniversary celebration took place on September 22, 2016
at the Landfall Country Club.  Chapter members were honored and our Original Chapter was signed again by Chapter Members and current members. 
For those members that have not visited this link before, please click here for anniversary photos: Ikebana 35th Anniversary Celebration